Fr0st Progress

I’m always lagging behind in posting about the things I’m working on, so let me correct that right away.
I’ve been making progress on fractal fr0st on and off, admittedly not as much as I would have liked to. The first few releases came right on top of one another, but now that the barebone essentials are (sort of) in place, any new release would have been very underwhelming.

There are currently 3 major areas I’m working on:

-The scripting part itself, which has undergone some major changes. It is much simpler to use now and has some nice functionality, such as generating batches of flames to be rendered in another editor.

-An interface with flam3 to use its rendering mechanism, which has been notoriously hard because I had to learn all about pointers and arrays, things you don’t normally deal with in Python.

-Designing the user interface. A program without a visible front end is just so much harder to understand and use properly, so no matter how interesting my code may be, it won’t ever see the light of day if it’s not presented properly. While letting the design ideas mature in my head, I’ve been looking at different GUI tools to use; wxpython is looking the most promising so far.

A new release is coming as soon as I have something substantial to show for in each of these 3 areas. I’ll be addressing each of them separately in a future blog post, so stay tuned!


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