The Power of Simplicity

It’s way too easy to lose oneself in complexity, and forget that even the most simple things can be full of beauty, specially if we’re talking about fractals.
These fractal images have only 2 transforms, each with a single variation set at 1. And yet, despite being concentrated and distilled down to a mere 9 dimensions out of the hundreds available in fractal space, they still carry a huge amount of expressive power, displaying intricate patterns emerging from the simplest forms.








If you thought that was the absolute lower limit at which an aesthetically pleasing image can be achieved, think again. Single transform flames, unable to ever escape monochromatic space, are still able to produce some pretty impressive effects, although they’re dangerously close to the absolute lower limit.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course, but for me at least, the technical challenge of these constraints alone has made the achievement worthwhile 😉

2 Responses to The Power of Simplicity

  1. David Marso says:

    That feathered spiral (6th from the top) is absolutely exquisite!

    • Vitor says:

      A modified version of it is actually one of the sample flames in fr0st! Just delete the 2nd xform and you’ll get something very similar to this image.

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