New design goals for fr0st

Recently the direction in which I am developing fr0st has begun to change. At first it was an experimental way of rendering flames in realtime (and I consider it a moderate success in this regard), but it doesn’t make much sense to continue in this direction with the impressive development of GPU rendering we’ve seen lately.

My new vision of the project is to build a flexible GUI that combines the high usability of Apophysis with the portability and interoperability of flam3.

Once a basic skeleton with a reasonable set of features is up and running, I can start adding some really cool stuff, including built in support for rendering animations and a flam4 backend (with the ability to toggle between flam3 and flam4 rendering).

This will be quite an interesting challenge. We’ll have to see what it leads to.

One Response to New design goals for fr0st

  1. […] is the kind of thing for which I decided to change course and implement a standard flame editor before indulging in strange experiments that push the limit […]

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