Fr0st tips & tricks

I’ve aimed to make the fr0st interface as discoverable as possible. There are a couple of features hidden away, however, so I figured it’s important to write them down before they get lost in the sands of time, to be dug up by some lucky soul excavating through the source code.

Mouse Wheel + Ctrl and/or Alt

This sounds harder than it is, so let me explain:

Hold down ctrl while the mouse is on top of any textbox, and you can change its value by scrolling with the mouse wheel. Instead of ctrl, you can also hold ctrl+alt or just alt to get slower scaling. This works on top of virtually any textbox, including variations, chaos, color, weight, etc.

Preview Image

The above method also works on top of the preview image, where it changes the scale of the fractal. You should also try dragging the preview around with the mouse.

Double-Clicking Variations

Double clicking on the variation name will make the variation jump to 1 if it was at 0, and to 0 otherwise. This should be pretty familiar to those coming from Apophysis.

Keyboard Shortcuts

All keyboard shortcuts can be discovered just by looking at the menu items. Here are some of my favorites:

-F8 runs a script; F9 interrupts it
-Ctrl-z undoes the last change, while ctrl-shift-z undoes all changes. Same with y for redo.
-Ctrl-p opens the preview, ctrl-r the renderer and ctrl-e the script editor.

Copy & Paste

with ctrl-c and ctrl-v you can copy and paste fractals to and from fr0st into other programs such as text editors and other fractal programs.

Does any of this help you make better fractals? Of course not, but it does free up your mind to focus on the creation of art instead of struggling with the program. A good interface is one that fades into the background, turning almost invisible. I’m not sure we have achieved that quite yet, but we’re heading there.

Have fun with these tricks!

2 Responses to Fr0st tips & tricks

  1. Rick Wakeman says:

    When i started Fractal Fr0st it’s only run in the Taskbar and not on the Screen.

    Windows 7 64bit.

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