Fr0st 1.2 delayed

I had surgery a little over a week ago. Nothing too big, just a case of appendicitis that was a bit more complicated than usual. This threw my schedule completely out of order.

Fractal Fr0st 1.2 won’t happen anytime before September. I had meant to do a release before the first half of the year was over, but now it looks like I’m missing my window. In less than a month I’ll be moving to another country, and things will just be crazy for a couple o months after that. I’ll hardly have time to hack on fr0st during this time.

I’m really excited about many of the new features that are already done and in the pipeline for the next release, such as translucent triangles in the editor and favorite scripts. But all of that will just have to wait (such is the life of an open-source project). When the release does come, it will be as awesome as usual. Thanks for sticking with fr0st.

One Response to Fr0st 1.2 delayed

  1. Chris K says:

    Ick, sorry to hear that.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon and have LOTS of help shifting stuff.

    – the obvious agenda being that you can get back into your coding den sharpish and I can get my grubby mitts on the fruits of your labours.

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