Fractal Fr0st 1.3 released

I’m happy to announce that the latest version of Fractal Fr0st is ready for download!

Get Fractal Fr0st 1.3

New in this version:

-Added gradient browser, which is able to load .ugr, .map, .xml and .flame files.
-Preview renders are now cached, so the same images aren’t rendered over and over again.
-Added anim tab, where flame time and related attributes can be set. Also added a script to create interpolated animation sequences using those attributes.
-Increased size of small preview to better fill the available space.

-Fixed a bug that made it impossible to change some of the configuration settings.
-Added space requirement of output image to memory calculation in render dialog.
-Installer now displays the correct version.
-Various small fixes.

As usual, I appreciate all feedback, bug reports, constructive criticism, and link love.

10 Responses to Fractal Fr0st 1.3 released

  1. Stan says:

    Thank you very much for providing this! Your work is greatly appreciated.

  2. Fabio says:

    Hello Vitor,
    is there any forum where to discuss about Fr0st?

    I’m a windows xp user who’d like to learn how to use Fr0st.


  3. Fabio says:


    Thank a lot Vitor, see you on the mailing list!

  4. James says:

    It appears that Frost does not work with Windows98se.
    I installed it and it refuses to load. I dont see where it says anywhere the system requirements. It insisted that a file called MSVCR90.DLL was missing.
    It’s not missing, it was installed by FROST into the sub folder Microsoft.VC90.CRT. I copied that file to the windows/system folder, then I got an error message telling me to go to Frost.exe.log file. That file contained the following:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 23, in
    File “zipextimporter.pyc”, line 82, in load_module
    File “fr0stlib\gui\__init__.pyc”, line 22, in
    File “zipextimporter.pyc”, line 82, in load_module
    File “wx\__init__.pyc”, line 45, in
    File “zipextimporter.pyc”, line 82, in load_module
    File “wx\_core.pyc”, line 4, in
    File “zipextimporter.pyc”, line 98, in load_module
    ImportError: MemoryLoadLibrary failed loading wx\_core_.pyd

  5. Molosba says:

    Sorry, i don’t speak english very well.
    I have just install version 1.3.
    Fr0st crash at launching and i have a error (look at the end of this message).
    I uninstall, download again, reinstall : the same.
    I try with a all the older version available : the same.

    My previous verions is 1.1 and work perfectly.
    Now, when i want to reinstall the 1.1 : error.

    Do you have a idea???

    Thanx a lot for this amazing software!!!

    ParseError: not well-formed (invalid toket): line 1, column 14
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 27, in
    File “fr0stlib\gui\__init__.pyc”, line 160, in MainLoop
    File “fr0stlib\decorators.pyc”, line 45, in wrapper
    File “fr0stlib\gui\__init__.pyc”, line 233, in __init__
    File “fr0stlib\gui\maineditor.pyc”, line 44, in __init__
    File “fr0stlib\decorators.pyc”, line 45, in wrapper
    File “fr0stlib\gui\maineditor.pyc”, line 240, in __init__
    File “fr0stlib\gui\gradientbrowser.pyc”, line 120, in __init__
    File “fr0stlib\gui\gradientbrowser.pyc”, line 137, in load
    File “fr0stlib\gui\gradientbrowser.pyc”, line 154, in
    File “”, line 106, in XML
    ParseError: not well-formed (invalid token): line 1, column 14

    • Vitor says:


      It looks like the new version of fr0st is having trouble reading the flame file you had open most recently. It should work if you just delete your config.cfg file, which should be under documents\fr0st or something along those lines, depending on your OS.

      I would appreciate if you could send me the flame file in question (Molos2), so I can find out what causes the error.

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