Fractal Fr0st 1.2 released

After a long time of waiting, I’m proud to announce the release of fractal fr0st 1.2! Over the last 6 months, I got cut open to have my appendix extracted, moved to another continent and studied like mad to get admitted to university. In that tumult, Fr0st got relegated to the back burner, even though I really wanted it to be otherwise. But the wait is over, and I’ve resumed active development again, so expect to see another release in only 2-3 months time!

Get Fractal Fr0st 1.2

So what’s new in this version?

-Triangles on canvas are now translucent.
-Disable GUI interaction while a script is running.
-Added list of recent flames and scripts to respective menus.
-Added list of favorite scripts with hotkeys for quick execution.

-Added script for Ubuntu that automatically installs all dependencies.

-Avoid crash when rendering on 64-bit Unix systems.
-Rotate buttons in xform tab now take into account world pivot.
-Xform tab now updates correctly when selecting post transforms.
-Recovery after a crash now brings Fr0st back to its exact previous state, including full undo/redo history.
-Script input dialog now checks for invalid input and raises an error.
-Render dialog no longer displays flame names in status bar when rendering, as this could lead to overlapping text on some systems.
-Many, many more…

As usual, I appreciate all feedback, bug reports, constructive criticism, and link love.

10 Responses to Fractal Fr0st 1.2 released

  1. Carlos says:

    Congratulation for your admision to the University. Where are you? Congratulations too for the new release of Frost.

    Congratulations again,
    Best regards,
    Carlos Javier

  2. amanita says:

    Well done!

  3. Jurinsson says:

    Just like X-mas!

    Fractal Fr0st is the only application that installed on ALL of my PCs – at home and at 3 workplaces.
    An utterly gorgeous editor.

  4. Gary says:

    Hey great program! I’m using it on Ubuntu Lucid. Instead of flam3 2.8 I’m using version 3.0. It seems to work fine, after a little hack. I installed flam3 with “–prefix=/usr/local”. Fr0st complained about not finding (it’s in /usr/local/lib). I made a symlink to it in /usr/lib, now fr0st is happy. I live in Zürich btw, email me if you’d like to hang out and talk fractals/graphics.

    • Vitor says:

      We should definitely do that! I don’t really have time the next couple of days, though. I’ll drop you a line.

    • Gary says:

      I was doing things the hard way with the libraries, I really should know better. Forget about the symlink stuff, all I had to do was “sudo ldconfig”. Works fine now in /usr/local now, plus it won’t get in the way if I ever install an official flam3 package (unless /usr/local/bin comes before /usr/bin in my path 🙂

  5. Amanda says:

    @ author: Please excuse my newbieness, but would you happen to know if it’s possible to increase the amount of RAM that Fr0st sees as available when setting up the fields for a render using flam3 on an Ubuntu/Mint install? Right now, it’s only showing 2GB, but my rig currently has a total of 10GB of RAM installed. Also, do you know if there’s been any more word on whether or not flam4 will be ported to Linux so that I may take advantage of your backport?
    I’ve so far enjoyed your application immensely and look forward to watching it evolve. Thank you! 😀

    • Vitor says:

      Hi Amanda,

      This shouldn’t be happening, you should be able to use all available memory from within fr0st.

      Could you please open a bug report over at ? Please attach the output of the following command there:

      cat /proc/meminfo

      (The free memory is calculated by fr0st using that, so there may be a bug in how the values are read)

      As for flam4, I don’t know when/if it will be available for linux, as I’m not the developer. More GPU renderers will be written as time passes, and fr0st will try to support as many of them as possible 😉

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