Fractal Fr0st 1.4 released

I’m glad to announce that the latest version of Fr0st has just been released!

Get Fractal Fr0st 1.4

A lot of work happened behind the scenes in this release. Stuff got cleaned out and fixed. For the next version, I’ll be focused on adding more features and improving the existing GUI elements. Anyway, here’s the changelog, listing some of the bigger items:

-Variation preview now has layers of different depths, to better show off what each xform is actually doing.
-Highlight triangle corners when hovering over them with mouse.
-Small preview now uses multiple threads on systems with more than 2 cores.

-Allow unicode paths for favorite scripts.
-Fixed several bugs that occurred when manipulating flames with non-black backgrounds.
-Small alpha values in palette produced by smooth interpolation (due to rounding errors) are now ignored.
-Fixed bug where some error messages were being cut short.
-Fixed bug where starting a script while the canvas was being manipulated led to an inconsistent program state.


48 Responses to Fractal Fr0st 1.4 released

  1. utak3r says:

    Works ok on Win7x64 🙂 Nice and fast responsive. My first, hot thought was: “when you open a script, editor window should be open” 😉 Good job!

  2. vinz says:

    hey Frost ! really kewl piece of software !…
    i’m an apophysis user ! and really think i’ll switch to your soft !! impressive and a very kewl integration of flame4 … need a little more work on the gui, for improving the workflow ! i hope yu’ll continue to make this work evolving… great job 🙂

  3. oppenheimer says:

    i badly wanted to try fr0st, but couldn’t run it at all. on starting up it immediately terminates without an error message. i tried both, the standalone and install version. my system: win 7 64bit, q6600 quad core, 6 gigs ram, gtx 570

    • Vitor says:

      Hmm… could you try running it in from a command line to see if you get any error message there?

      • oppenheimer says:

        ok i tried that, but no exception raises. the process just terminates on startup. :/

      • Vitor says:

        Unfortunately, that’s very little info to start digging into the issue :-(. I assume you’re running the regular 1.4 download, not from source or anything?

      • oppenheimer says:

        “You could try deleting your config file (“…\Documents\fr0st\config.cfg”) and see if that fixes the problem.”

        lol, that does the trick for me. sorry for trolling around.

      • Vitor says:

        Don’t worry, I’m glad you could get it up and running!

  4. Jhoy says:

    Thanks for the update. 🙂

    I’m just getting it, I’ll let you know how it goes.

  5. I come across this wonderful program a week after I try Apophysis, but then I never try Apophysis any more.
    FrOst is an absolutely user friendly fractal program.
    But I lost my files many times after saving.
    Maybe frost doesn’t like wine in Puppy Linux.
    And the gradient, gamma, highlight etc. does not work properly.
    Anyway I had already rendered a lot of beautiful fractal from FrOst.
    Thank you very much for this great fractal program.

    By the way, why the “o” is capital?

    • Vitor says:

      Why are you running it under wine? it should work natively under all linux flavors as long as you have all the dependencies (wxpython etc). Is there something specific that prevents fr0st from working under puppy?

      The o in fr0st is actually a zero, and it’s there to acknowledge that it’s built on top of flam3 😉

      • Last Messenger says:

        Thank you very much for your advice.
        But then I have to find how it will run under Linux.
        Another request for the new version, is it possible to have animation control for each form. Sometimes I got 2 forms cycling together. And very rarely I got 3 forms cycling together!!!

  6. Vitor says:

    What do you mean by each form? What exactly are you trying to do?

    • Last Messenger says:

      Form is the triangle in the main editing window.
      When I click animation, mostly one form will cycling, making the x,y move around the O center.
      And sometimes 2 forms cycling and rarely 3 forms cycling.
      And now I ‘ve just find no form cycling after I delete the only form that cycling.

      • Vitor says:

        ah, what you want exists, it’s the animate checkbox (which is in the color tab on the right hand side for historical reasons)

  7. Last Messenger says:

    Thank you for your answer.
    But I don’t see that animate checkbox. Perhaps wine doesn’t show it.
    I have to check again.
    And one more request is it possible to have grouping, so two or more forms can be moved or copy and paste simultanously?

  8. joel says:

    can i somehow render the fractal with transparent background?

  9. It doesn’t want to run for me – I’m on a Mac, running Leopard. I’m not exactly brilliant when it comes to working in the terminal, so I don’t know how to fix this – here’s what it says when I try:

    /Users/shannyk/Desktop/fr0st-1.4-src/fr0stlib/ Warning: ‘with’ will become a reserved keyword in Python 2.6
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “./”, line 23, in
    from fr0stlib.gui import Fr0stApp
    File “/Users/shannyk/Desktop/fr0st-1.4-src/fr0stlib/”, line 876
    with open(path, “w”) as f:
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

    What’s going wrong here?

  10. Cosmo Guffa says:

    After a frustrating round of trying to get a post-mirror plugin to work on Apophysis 7x and 2.09 in Wine, I found a stronger resolve to give up on them and keep working in fr0st. My intuition told me that there might be an update, and sure enough… great to see you still developing this little gem ! Your software continues to be an invaluable tool in SpaceCraft Engineering, feel free to check out the new web page here:

    Any tips on how I could implement a simple vertical mirror plugin with python ?

  11. Lea says:

    I don’t know what I could possibly be doing wrong, but I’m not able to render in Fractal Fr0st. The file name appears in the folder I render to, but when I open it, it’s blank. My OS is Win 7 Home Edition, I believe it’s 32 bit with dual core CPU

  12. Lea says:

    Ok….upon doing further searches, I found the tutorial saying fractals in Fractal Fr0st can be copied and pasted into another program. I tried it in Apophysis and was able to render my fractal with that program

  13. Last Messenger says:

    Hi Vitor;
    The animate tab you mentioned has many choices for linear, log, smooth etc. But I can’t get any effect after I selected it. I try all the combination and nothing changed.


  14. Lucidian says:

    I am trying to get Fr0st alpha on my mac(10.7.1). I found it here:

    I have followed the instructions and got this error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “./”, line 23, in
    from fr0stlib.gui import Fr0stApp
    File “/Users/Sam/Desktop/fr0st-1.4-src/fr0stlib/gui/”, line 22, in
    import imp, os, sys, wx, time, shutil, copy, cPickle as Pickle, itertools, \
    ImportError: No module named wx

    I don’t know what this means. Please help me.


  15. Is there a port for Python3?

  16. vinz says:

    Hi vitor ! it’s a long time that 1.4 is out now ! any news regarding F.Fr0st 1.5 ? 😀

    • Vitor says:

      Unfortunately I’m very busy with my studies right now, so don’t expect a new release anytime soon. I do plan on taking up development of fr0st again at some point!

  17. Filrond says:

    Thank you for this great job. Is a very great software. Is fast for render Fr0st fractal archives and Apophysis fractal archives. The problem is low memory use in this 32 Bits software.

    Request improves for next Verssions:

    1) Support For Gpu Render, Cuda or OpenCl.

    2) Complete and better fast, 64 Bits version. For user large among Ram. In this compute I have for example, 16Gb Ram. For More Large size fractals. Very limited Fractal archive size, for Low use memory Ram in this 32 Bits Fractal Fr0st Verssion.

    3) Complete Real support for Multicore Computer Systems. (No hiperthreading. Complete Support for Real Multicore processors without hiperthreading).

    Example: Friend, have a Xeon Dual Motherboard with 2 x Quadcore Proccesors X5460, ( Total 8 real Cores at 3166Mhz). for more fast render time. This proccesor not support Hiperthreading, but are 8 real Core processors.

    4) Suppor for other Os. Example: Mac Osx Snow leopard or Lion .

    Thanks and Greetings for your attention

  18. Burk says:

    I’d love to see a 64bit version and maybe also support for some of the newer Apo plugins (i.e. 3d plugins).

  19. h2p says:

    I would love to see the addition of Distributed Rendering, eg. being able to set up an array of slave server to render these fractals.

  20. h2p says:

    I appologize if this is the wrong place to post a bug report, but I am not sure where to post one.

    These following settings cause fractals to render immediately and blanked out (empty):

    Quality: 5000
    Radius: 0.4
    Width: 3840
    Height: 2160
    Buffer Depth: 32-bit float
    Threads: 7

    • Vitor says:

      Are you sure you have enough memory for a render of that size? Does lowering the size make the image render correctly? what renderer are you using, flam3 or flam4?

      • h2p says:

        I have 16gb of physical memory, 12gb virtual, and I am running a 64bit version of windows 7. This render only requires around 2.6gb of memory (says your calculator that’s built in). Also, yes, lowering the size (width) does allow it to render correctly. I am unsure how to tell if I am using flam3 or flam4. But I am importing a flame from “Apophysis 7x Version 15C.9”. Thank you.

  21. Gus says:

    Are you still developing Fr0st (or have any plans to)? The world needs it!

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