Fractal Fr0st 1.1 Released

Fr0st 1.1 has been released! Get the dowload files here:

There are lots of changes and improvements in this version:

-Added vibrancy to adjust panel
-Xform editor now handles post and final xforms much more intuitively.
-Hide irrelevant tabs when post or final xform is selected
-Preview and render dialogs now show rendering info in their title bars.
-Opening files is now faster.
-Eliminated several sources of slowdown when handling very large files.
-Don’t render thumbnails when opening large files.
-Quality of jpg renders can now be configured. Default is 95.
-Can now paste multiple flames at once.
-If a script causes an error, a helpful dialog with all details is shown.
-If fr0st crashes or the computer loses power, unsaved changes are recovered next time it is opened.

Flam3 integration:
-Rendering now 5-10% faster due to better integration with the GUI.
-Default buffer size is now 64-bit, making for another 10% speed improvement. Also improves performance of thumbnail and preview images.
-Images with non-black backgrounds now render correctly on windows.

Flam4 integration:
-Can now render transparent backgrounds.
-Fixed bug where black image was returned when changing certain parameters.

-No longer have to compile extension module when installing on linux.

Various bugfixes:
-Fixed possible error when editing flame names.
-Fixed possible error when dragging flames around.
-Check for invalid paths (i.e. malformed or pointing to a read-only dir), and handle them correctly.
-Many, many more.

If you need help or have any questions, you can stop by the mailing list:

or go to the #fr0st-users irc channel at

Feedback and bug reports are very much appreciated.

4 Responses to Fractal Fr0st 1.1 Released

  1. Daimon says:

    Hi, I’m not familiar with Frost. Is there a site where I can see the results of using Frost.

  2. I just grabbed the latest release, and I’m stumped by something. I’m trying to render larger images. So, in the ADJUST window of the main interface, I changed it to 2800 x 2200 pixels. I save that one flame by itself, then open that file.

    I hit render, punch in 2800 x 2200 pixels, and in a second, it renders a proper sized image, but it’s empty, it’s just black.

    As I don’t see a help file with the program, I’m guessing this is the right way to go about it, but I must be missing something.

    I ran across the same thing rendering out numerous flames in one file, they were originally set to default 640 x 480, and changing the size only in the render window did the same thing, black images in a few seconds of render time.

    An amusing thing- I’m FINALLY able to play with this program now that I’ve got a decent computer. It’s an HP DV8T quad core with 8 gigs of ram. This software pegs all 4 cores, as well as the 4 virtual cores, and the chip temps punch up to 180 F in no time. I’ll have to do some hard core rendering this winter to keep warm. 😉

    From what I’ve seen so far, this is a cool tool, but I can’t figure out this black image thing. I’m off to look for answers… thanks-


    • Vitor says:

      Can you give me more details? What’s your OS (also is it 32 or 64 bit)?

      Does this happen with any flame, for example one of the sample flames that come with fr0st? I’m asking because those symptoms point to an error during rendering.

      Are you using flam3 or flam4?

      Finally, I’d appreciate if you could report this as a bug:

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